Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Violence Against Women (CASE) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Violence Against Women (CASE) - Essay Example The bystander program on violence against women emphasizes all members within the community play a role in ensuring violence against women does not occur. A bystander is the person who witnesses a situation and is neither the victim nor the perpetrator but in someway the person could make a difference if involved in the situation (Postmus, 2013). In many different cases, the bystander program has been found to prevent possible cases of different forms of possible violence. However, in prevention of violence against women, the bystander program has not produced effective results. Most cases of violence against women mainly occur at family level and therefore any bystander would find it difficult to into family matters. In most communities, the family setting recognizes the male as the head of the family and thus is some way justifies the m beating their wives (Davis, S. (2012). Despite this being a form of violence, which is illegal, the bystanders may find it difficult to interrupt or prevent it due the cultural justification in it and the respect for a family. Violence on women is often characterized by ill behavior and is seen as disciplinary action to the woman and hence it is difficult to differentiate between a violence case and intended disciplinary action on a wife (OToole, 2005). It is therefore in appropriate to consider a bystander program as a solution to curb violence on women. Bystander programs could be implemented effectively in other cases such as control of violence among students in a school. It could be effective in such as situation since all the people in the school are at an equal level. It could also be effective in a prevention of sexual violence in universities and college it could be effective in such cases since all the people belong to a similar level and sexual violence is easily identifiable. Various adjustments need to be made

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