Sunday, November 10, 2019

7-Eleven Store Experiment

Has one ever pondered the possible interest in the typical bustle and commotion of a public venue or its perceivable feel left impressed upon the customers? To truly acquire a fascination of a place or gather a perception of the environment, observation and experience are vital. For a short period of approximately thirty minutes, I observed my former employer, 7-Eleven, in the town of Old Bethpage. I even experienced the point of view of the customer by purchasing a variety of beverages and hot food. Based upon my half an hour spent at the store, I recognized a diverse culture of customers, abnormal activity, and a warm, welcoming ambiance.As my friend and I approached the 7-Eleven store in my silver two-door Honda Civic, I noticed a couple of observations. For example, the retailer was in the process of receiving a vitamin water delivery from two African American males. Also, as this process was underway, the rest of the store was buzzing with business and chatter. The Plainview Wat er District employees, decked out in blue and white shirts with bright yellow safety vests draped over their clothes, had just entered briefly and all the white males exited with each his own large coffee. While realizing the environment outside the venue, I chose a parking spot nearest the corner exit on the East side. My friend Anthony and I decided to purchase some refreshments and feel out the inside of 7-Eleven before surveying for the full time allotted.Amidst entering the building, one couldn't help but feel comfortable and at home. The employees greeted us instantaneously by means of wide smiles and enthusiasm in helping others. One tall worker named Sam persuaded me to try a flavored and even discounted the beverage when I paid. The coffee smelled of flavorful aromas. The aromas that come with fresh, smoldering coffee beans. I could smell hazelnut, french vanilla, and pumpkin spice. After fixing myself a delicious, mouth-watering pumpkin spice coffee with whipped cream and caramel, I also bought tasty, delectable, greasy wings and an Arizona iced tea. Anthony purchased an Arizona iced tea as well along with a fresh pack of Newport cigarettes. We then bid farewell to the employees, manager, and the owner too, and exited the retailer to the old familiar

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