Friday, February 21, 2020

Colonial Labor worksheet Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Colonial Labor worksheet - Assignment Example The Spaniards and the Portuguese paid more for slaves and thus, encouraged the rulers and the traders in Africa to acquire more people. At first criminal and those considered sick were sold, but due to the profitability of the trade, people turned to each other to acquire people for sale. The used violence means to hunt and capture people. It let to war between people. (a) Tobacco planting required a huge labor force. At first, the Virginians experimented with a number of labor sources. They started with the Indians but they resisted them. They then resorted to the poor English adults as paupers and vagabonds were many in England. (b) Due to the high availability of contracted labor, slavery of the black people took time before people fully accepted it in Virginia. However, in mid-1660s, the supply of contracted servants failed sharply leading to the acceptance of the use of black people. (c) The short supply of indentured labor led to labor shortage, which consequently led to the introduction and mass use of black slaves. The wealthy whites acquired many blacks through slavery leading to the growth of the population of the black people in America. †¢ The experiences of the contracted English adults differ. In his letter, Richard Frethorne, claims that he was going difficulties yet secondary sources do not mention of difficulties passed by those who signed contracts with the wealthy

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