Friday, January 3, 2020

Emotional Intelligence Ch. 3,7,11,13 Psychology Summaries

Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman Chapter 3: When Smart is Dumb Throughout this chapter Goleman argues that a person’s IQ has little to do with their success in life. For example, someone with extremely high SAT scores who parties his way through college could take ten years to finally get a degree whereas a person with mediocre scores but studies diligently in college will earn his degree in four years. Emotional intelligence can be very beneficial throughout life. With the ability to understand others and the outcomes of situations puts one in a better standing when it comes to facing the â€Å"vicissitudes of life† regardless of your academic standing. This chapter correlates well with our teachings in AP Psychology because it†¦show more content†¦One’s level of empathy is loosely related to SAT and IQ score, they are merely incidental. This furthers my knowledge when it comes to empathy because now I am able to realize the importance of listening to the signs of certain emotions arou nd me. Also, it proves that more academically sound people usually have less emotional intelligence which makes empathy on of their lesser traits. An empathetic person is very good at reading people. This correlates quite well with what I have learned about intelligence so far. Chapter 11: Mind and Medicine A lot of times we can cure ourselves from sicknesses. Well, say some scientists. This is called â€Å"attitude-will-cure-all† which is the notion that by oneself thinking happy thoughts, having a positive attitude or somehow blaming themselves for getting sick in the first place. This argument causes widespread confusion but on the other extreme there is another notion of illnesses. That medicine and emotions are two completely separate matters; one does not affect the other. Usually people think of medicine as curing the disease as they forget what illness is; patients experience with disease. By thinking this, one doesn’t think twice about their emotional state. Patients don’t believe that their attitude has nothing to do with their medical problems. Where in fact, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle which is why if we go to the doctor and he tells us how

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